40 Years in the Wilderness: A Hidden Time Signature of Generation X

1 year = 1 prophetic day = 24 prophetic hours (Ezekiel 4:6)

Revelation 14 gives us two starting points that end at the same time destination and one confirms the other.


144,000 = The first ending point which tells us when it began

100, 40, and 4000 = The second ending point and where it began

Both yield the same ending point


6 days = 144 hours and 6000 days = 144,000 hours (6000 x 24)

From Adam to 2000 AD = 6000 years or 144,000 prophetic hours (A day for a year) This is the first application of a beginning and ending point that Chapter 14 reveals about where we are in prophetic history.

100, 40, and 4000 (40 years in the wilderness)

2000 AD [subtract] 4000 years brings us back to 2000 BC or the time of Abraham

100 years = 1 Century, and there are 40 years of wilderness “time” in each century

Years = 1956, 1957, 1958, 1959 etc.

Now convert the years into military time signatures

Time = 19:56, 19:57, 19:58, 19:59

We do not write time the following way: 19:60, 19:61, 19:62

19:59…….20:00 = 1959 and 2000 AD which leaves 40 years of wilderness time from 19:60 to 19:99 (1960 to 1999)

4000 years = 40 centuries X 40 years of wilderness time per century = 1600 years of wilderness time from 2000 BC to 2000 AD

Adam + 144,000 prophetic hours = 2000 AD

Abraham + 1600 years of wilderness time = 2000 AD

Revelation 14:20 – “And the winepress was trodden without the city, and blood came out of the winepress, even unto the horse bridles, by the space of a thousand and six hundred furlongs.”


Message to John Hagee: Wake up or stay away from our pulpits

Words on the pages of sacred books and words from our mouths =

Newton’s First Law. It is a two-parter: the first part says that if an object is not moving, it will remain stationary unless an external force causes it to do so; the second part says that if an object is moving, it will continue to move at the same speed and in the same direction until an external force acts on it.

What are words on a page causing us to do? Who are words on a page causing us to follow?

Who will be the external force that changes the speed and direction of John Haggee and those who follow his kill or be killed religion? How do you reconcile “kill or be killed” with the gospel these people claim to follow? Watch the video and see for yourself the power that words from sacred books have.

Should we kill John Hagee? No Einstein, but I do think he should be thrown in prison for a little wake up call. But is John Hagee smart enough to figure out that his prison sentence is an external force designed to change his speed and send him in a different direction, and not “persecution.” Is it persecution to throw a Hitler in prison? This man should in no way be leading people by the hundreds of thousands in the direction they are currently moving in.

My question is when the @#$%$# are we gonna wake up and sniff these people out before they lead people to do more stupid violence? Get him away from the pulpit!

Read 1 Corinthians 13 then compare it to what Hagee is saying in this video. John Hagee is about to be visited.

The Seventh Seal Revelaed: Abomination of Desolation

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An Atomic Explosion

The Silence

Watching this film, there are many things to wonder (and worry) about, but one of the stranger moments is how the bomb bursts in complete silence. We see a sudden white flash. It makes the soldiers flinch. Then there’s a pause, a pregnant quiet that lasts for a beat, then another and then — there’s a roar. (“There it is! The ground wave!”), after which the sky above seems to go black and the air turns to fire.

Basic physics explains the pause. Because light travels quicker than sound, you see light first, you hear sound later. In most movies (even in government-released atomic bomb blast films), the sound is artificially time shifted to make the flash and the sound appear simultaneous.

‘A Long, Thundering Growl’

But that’s not what it’s like if you are actually there. Science historian Alex Wellerstein has found an undoctored and deeply frightening recording — which he just posted on Restricted Data; The Nuclear Secrecy Blog.

He got it, he says, from “a Russian correspondent” who was searching the U.S. National Archives. (Why not? Our past is open to all.) The Russian found a recording of an American atomic test in 1953, which shows an enormous flash of white, so white it blanks out the entire sky, then thick clouds of ash (or maybe dirt?) tumble up, a fireball appears — all of this in total quiet. Thirty seconds pass.