Rev. 13 Key: “Names of Blasphemy”

Revelation 13, 7 heads 10 horns, Key: Names of blasphemy.

The first 6 months of the year are named after mythical gods and month 7 and 8 after Roman leaders who thought they were God.

7 heads (months) 10 horns (days)

= August 10 = Day 222 of the year

8/10/1965 to the capture of Jerusalem on 6/7/1967 = 666 days

Even the very hairs of your {heads} are numbered – Luke 12:7

Revelation 13, count the number of the beast

A = 1, B = 2, C = 3 etc.

Beast: B = 2, E = 5, A = 1, S = 19, T = 20 = Total of 47

Heads: H = 8, E = 5, A = 1, D = 4, S = 19 = Total of 37

August 10 = Day 222 of the year

7 {heads} = 37 x 7 = 259

Rev. 13, one head wounded to death

259 – 1 head (37) = 222

10 horns: H = 8, O = 15, R = 18, N = 14, S = 19 = Total of 74

10 horns = 74 x 10 = 740

Rev. 13, {3} horns uprooted

3 x horns {74} = 222

August 10 = Day 222 of the year

Heads = 37, Horns = 74

– [x] 37 x 74 = 2,738

– [x] The Tunguska event happened on 6/30/1908
– [x] The 2,738th day of the 20th century was 6/30/1908
– [x] 6/30/1908 + 144 days (12×12) = 11/21/1908
– [x] On 11/21/1908 the moon was under Virgo’s feet and Venus was at her side
– [x] Revelation 12:1 (KJV) 1 And there appeared a great wonder in heaven {Tunguska event}(6/30/1908) a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars: (11/21/1908)

Beast = 47
Heads = 37
Horns = 74

47 + 37 + 74 = 158

6/7/1967 is day 158 of the year


Message to John Hagee: Wake up or stay away from our pulpits

Words on the pages of sacred books and words from our mouths =

Newton’s First Law. It is a two-parter: the first part says that if an object is not moving, it will remain stationary unless an external force causes it to do so; the second part says that if an object is moving, it will continue to move at the same speed and in the same direction until an external force acts on it.

What are words on a page causing us to do? Who are words on a page causing us to follow?

Who will be the external force that changes the speed and direction of John Haggee and those who follow his kill or be killed religion? How do you reconcile “kill or be killed” with the gospel these people claim to follow? Watch the video and see for yourself the power that words from sacred books have.

Should we kill John Hagee? No Einstein, but I do think he should be thrown in prison for a little wake up call. But is John Hagee smart enough to figure out that his prison sentence is an external force designed to change his speed and send him in a different direction, and not “persecution.” Is it persecution to throw a Hitler in prison? This man should in no way be leading people by the hundreds of thousands in the direction they are currently moving in.

My question is when the @#$%$# are we gonna wake up and sniff these people out before they lead people to do more stupid violence? Get him away from the pulpit!

Read 1 Corinthians 13 then compare it to what Hagee is saying in this video. John Hagee is about to be visited.

The seventh Seal Revealed

(Whoso readeth, let him understand:)

Notice he didn’t say, “Whoso heareth?” This indicates there is something hidden in the way it’s written. The bible is the greatest treasure map in world history. One wrong interpretation and you end up thousands of miles off course.

Abomination of desolation = Abom1Nation or A-bomb 1 Nation = 1945 and the bombing of Japan (Dragon).


Matthew 6:22

The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.


Eye = Single = i = 1

Letter “i” = Roman numeral 1

Abomination = A-bom 1 Nation (A-bom = Slang for Atomic bomb) Does an atomic bomb desolate?

(Atomic bomb) 1945 to 2015 = 70 years (Remember this)

“He opened the 7th seal there was a silence in heaven about >>>>>the space of a half an hour<<<<<.” Revelation 8:1

The Silence

“Watching this film, there are many things to wonder (and worry) about, but one of the stranger moments is how the bomb bursts in complete silence. We see a sudden white flash. It makes the soldiers flinch. Then there’s a pause, a pregnant quiet that lasts for a beat, then another and then — there’s a roar. (“There it is! The ground wave!”), after which the sky above seems to go black and the air turns to fire.

Basic physics explains the pause. Because light travels quicker than sound, you see light first, you hear sound later. In most movies (even in government-released atomic bomb blast films), the sound is artificially time shifted to make the flash and the sound appear simultaneous.”
[link to]

Now turn 1945 and 2015 into military time signatures

19:45 to 20:15 = The space of a half an hour.

Shadow and object = Newton’s law of the motion of objects = For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Paul the apostle told us that the things that happened to Israel were a shadow of good things to come. (Newton’s law)

Light travels faster than sound. We are starting to here the sound of the shadow 1945


“The secret lies with Charlotte.”

2013 = Unusual number of comets approaching the earth

2014, 2015 = Lunar and solar eclipses begin landing on Hebrew holy days

2016 = The Hebrew year 5776 = Gregorian year 1776 = 240 year shadow or 10 times the hours in one day. “Shall a nation be born in one day?” The answer is yes and no = A paradox

“The secret lies with Charlotte,” was a line in the movie “National Treasure.” The ship Charlotte (Wiki “ship Charlotte”) began her journey on the 13th day of the 5th month


The Nuclear bomb = A shadow of something good

Reactor 1 Cor 13:5 = God is love and, “Love keeps no record of wrongs that others do.” = 100% opposite of what we’ve all been taught all our live and for centuries past.

13/5 = The secret lies with Charlotte

13:5 = One small stone in David’s sling brings the giant to his knees. Metaphorically speaking of a change of mind.

“Then shall two be in the field…” = Matthew 24:40 = The true and false image of God found in the same treasure map causing confusion by mixing them together.”

Meaning of the word Babylon = “Confusion by mixing”

Revelation 11:1 = “Rise and measure…” = Wake up, do the math

“The secret lies with Charlotte.”

Faith = “I believe God will save all mankind, even Satan himself.” = Reactor 1 Cor 13:5

Skull and bones logo 322 = The Strong’s concordance Hebrew #322 is a word that means “Backwards.” Death = Life and 322 = 223

2:23 = 133 minutes = The 13th day of the 5th month is the 133rd day of the year.

Satan is fooled by Newton’s law of the motion of objects into committing evil acts that good may come. Remember when Jesus was tempted to hurl himself off of the pinnacle of the temple What did Satan tell him would be the result. Opposite reaction = “Angels will … you.”

We are in this sacrificial system now, not 2500 years ago.

Another example of Newton’s law of the motion of objects becoming a religion committing evil that good may come is when Paul explains “The law came that sin would abound, and where sin abounds grace much more abounds. But then Paul scolds the sick religions that misinterpret this to an extreme when he says, “Shall we do evil so good will come? Hell no…” Why? Because doing good to others defies Newton’s law of the motion of objects. If I’m nice to someone, are they compelled to slap me in the face? Of course not. An equal reaction is more probable.

Do the math

From the introduction to Isaiah, 1560 Geneva Bible

“…In the reading of the prophets this one thing is to be understood….They speak of things to come, as if they were now past.”

Think of all the characters of the bible. The prophets wrote in the past tense fooling us into thinking we were reading about historical figures when they had not even been born yet.

The pyramids are telling us the same thing. Any object casts a shadow when the sun hits it. When the sun is in the perfect location both shadow and object occupy the same time and space illuminating the object and eliminating the shadow.

The treasure map (Bible) is a shadow of the future object. One wrong interpretation and you end up thousands of miles off course but know this. No matter where yo are on the map, love never fails. 1 Corinthians lucky 13