Message to John Hagee: Wake up or stay away from our pulpits

Words on the pages of sacred books and words from our mouths =

Newton’s First Law. It is a two-parter: the first part says that if an object is not moving, it will remain stationary unless an external force causes it to do so; the second part says that if an object is moving, it will continue to move at the same speed and in the same direction until an external force acts on it.

What are words on a page causing us to do? Who are words on a page causing us to follow?

Who will be the external force that changes the speed and direction of John Haggee and those who follow his kill or be killed religion? How do you reconcile “kill or be killed” with the gospel these people claim to follow? Watch the video and see for yourself the power that words from sacred books have.

Should we kill John Hagee? No Einstein, but I do think he should be thrown in prison for a little wake up call. But is John Hagee smart enough to figure out that his prison sentence is an external force designed to change his speed and send him in a different direction, and not “persecution.” Is it persecution to throw a Hitler in prison? This man should in no way be leading people by the hundreds of thousands in the direction they are currently moving in.

My question is when the @#$%$# are we gonna wake up and sniff these people out before they lead people to do more stupid violence? Get him away from the pulpit!

Read 1 Corinthians 13 then compare it to what Hagee is saying in this video. John Hagee is about to be visited.


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