The abomination of Desolation is Now seen

The abomination of desolation on the flesh fulfillment happened in 1945A-Bomb 1 Nation Desolation = A Nuclear bomb dropped on the dragon Japan

The spirit fulfillment of A bomb 1 nation is the discovery hidden by mass retranslation of 1 Corinthians 13:5 Contemporary English version where Paul is describing the character of God using the description of love (Agape) when he drops this bomb that shuts every mouth and consumes our tongues out of our mouths while we are yet standing. God is love and, “Love….keeps no record of wrongs that others do.”

Paul is comparing God’s love for us to a man or woman in love. People can attack you with all manner of outside accusations against the one you love, but you are not fazed one bit. This one little stone in David’s sling desolates the false image of god we all grew up to know.

Proof 1945 is the starting point of 70 years: 1945 + 70 = 2015

2 comets are expected to be possibly 15 times brighter than a full moon in 2013
followed by lunar and solar eclipses that land on Hebrew holy days in 2014 and 2015 (Youtube Mark Blitz blood moons)
2016 is the Hebrew year 5776….5776 on our Gregorian calendar is the same as 1776 (Liberty)

Israel is the shadow of the object….The pyramids cast a shadow right? Well when conditions are perfect, shadow and object occupy the same space and time. We are approaching this time when shadow and object meet. 2016 is exactly 49 years from the 6 Day war when Israel (Shadow) recaptured Jerusalem in 1967.

Daniel 8 and the Ram Goat war (Vision) happened in May of 334 B.C. after Passover. There are exactly 2300 Passovers between that battle and the 6 day war.

144,000 is a hidden time signature

6 days = 144 hours
6000 days = 144,000 hours

2000 A.D. is widely believed to be 6000 years from Adam or 144,000 prophetic hours. Add exactly 144,000 hours (16 1/2 years) to 1/1/2001 and it brings you exactly to the 50th (Jubilee) anniversary of the 6 day war 6/6/2017

“The secret lies with Charlotte” – Line from the movie “National Treasure”
The ship Charlotte left for her journey on the 13th day of the 5th month 1787 or 5787 from Adam – 57 + 87 = 144

God’s counter to the nuclear bomb in 1945 is 1 Corinthians 13:5 Contemporary English version….”When you see it…..take nothing else out of your house.” – Matthew 24

“I saw a bear with 3 ribs in his mouth…” Daniel 7

The 3 ribs are John 13:35, 1 Cor. 13:5, and John 13:5, “Blessed are they who come to those days.” Daniel 12:12 = 13 5 + 30

13:35 + 13:5 + 13:5 = 39 hours 45 minutes = 1 day and 945 minutes
“Be not ignorant of this one thing, a day with the Lord is as a thousand years….”
1000 years = 1 day + 945 minutes = 1945 = A-Bomb 1 Nation

i is the Roman numeral 1 = Atom Bomb 1 Nation “Under god” = JerUSAlem

The atom bomb is a shadow of a very tiny stone in David’s sling. The same stone that smashes the feet in Daniel = 1 Cor. 13:5 Contemporary English Version.

God is love and, “Love….keeps no record of wrongs that others do.”
The above nu clear bomb shuts every mouth


My latest video revealing the “bomb”

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