The Nuclear Bomb that Could Unite the World

Joshua tree

Joshua tree

Joshua Ladet’s performance of “You Pulled Me Through” was no less than a nuclear bomb launched right into the living room of millions the world over. As Stephen Tyler stated with perfection, “This is the voice the world has been waiting for…” Yes Randy, amen….

The following screen shot is a comment posted on the Youtube video of Joshua’s performance

Comment on Youtube video of Joshua Ladet’s rendition of “You Pulled Me Through”

The Nuclear Bomb that Could Unite the World

Click link below to watch this great performance

American Idol – Joshua Ledet – You Pulled Me Through

A short testimony of my transformation into the golden truth. John 2 – Truly, the best wine was saved for last.

I am from Rockford, IL.

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There is no greater statement of faith one can conceive in their mind, and these words were uttered here in Rockford Illinois by my brother Scott. When I heard these profound words in my ears, it was like when Elijah dumped water on the altar, and fire came down out of heaven and devoured it. I felt the “twinkle” Paul spoke of when he wrote about us being changed in the twinkling of an eye. I will echo this profound statement of faith until the day I die.

Scott said, “I believe God will save all mankind, even Satan himself.”

In my opinion, there is no greater statement of faith one can conceive in their mind. When I first heard the statement above, the thought came into my mind, “Wow! That’s a noble thought. If we being evil can think this way, how much more the creator God?” From that point on it was over, and I began to do the math, and the math revealed it as a true equation.

This happened sometime in 1999, but the following revelation happened while exploring earthquake faults on Google maps Satellite….
I’ve taken a few screen shots of Google earth. Somewhere in time we were made to forget who we really are. Fooled into thinking future things are past by words on a page. The following quote comes from the introduction to the book of Isaiah, 1560 Geneva Bible – “In the reading of the prophets this one thing is to be observed….they speak of things to come, as if they were now past…”
The prophets wrote in the past tense, fooling us into thinking we were reading about historical figures, when they were yet future. The following screen shot of Jonah and his location written in the formation of the earth by the finger of God, proves the above quote to be true:
Your Ally,
Michael Ray Hulmes aka LambAndTheDragon
Jonah, written in the formation of the earth. This is only the beginning of what I found. The whole story is there, written in the formation of the earth. Once this story breaks, there will be no unbelievers.
Entire screen shot album here: My friend in Canada is in the long process of creating an amateur documentary about what I found on 3/12/2010
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