The foundation of the Rapture doctrine is rooted in boasting

The very foundation of the Rapture doctrine is rooted in boasting. “We are good and they are bad” syndrome. Does this doctrine pass the litmus test Paul gave us? “For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast. For we are his workmanship……”

The church continues to try to convince the world 2+2=5, and they will have none of it. The true gospel is about to be preached.

Now the ravenous wolf will take the above piece of bread and immediately attack you by accusing you of “condoning sin.” Flee from these slanderers, for they love the lie more than the truth, and the truth is this: That none of us are good, and the moment these preachers convince you the Good news = Most will be lost, is the moment you believe 2+2=5. Every knee shall bow, and when we are bowing down, no boaster will be standing and observing this.

And the moment they tell you that Good news = Most people will be lost, is the very moment the abomination of desolation has gone into your ears. What is made desolate? The sacrifice of Christ is made desolate, but by what? The doctrines of Good news = Most will be lost, and Mercy, love, and justice = eternal suffering alive in hell. This is no different from me telling you I love you, and the very next moment, I hate your guts. The church is giving God the mind of men.

The doctrines of Most will be lost, and suffer alive in hell, makes the sacrifice of Christ utterly desolate and worthless. When a preacher tells you this what is he really saying? That the sacrifice of Christ is worthless. Double think, double speak: “Great news everyone!! Most will be lost and suffer alive in hell for eternity!!” Do the math: False prophecy Gurus have us looking into the future for this abomination from some smoky figure in a back room. It’s a lie.

What does the abomination make desolate. A war treaty? This is ridiculous thinking. What is made desolate is the sacrifice of Christ and it is plainly spoken in the false image of God “Nebuchadnezzar” erects. Daniel 3:1-6 is the abomination of desolation and it’s in the church like a stinking infection, trampling on the true image of God. Flee from anyone who tells you Good news = Most will be lost, calling zero faith, much faith. Calling evil good and good evil.

One last thing Christians would do well to ponder and take heed, lest they get infected by murderous boasting. The introduction to the book of Isaiah says one very interesting thing that gives pause to our understanding of history. It says, “And in reading of the Prophets, this one thing among others is to be observed, that they speak of things to come as though they were now past”

To the church: What you think is history, is exposing us.

Clarification: The above quote comes from the introduction of Isaiah in the 1560 Geneva Bible. 70 years before the King James existed.

Compare Good news = Many will be lost, to 1 Corinthians 15:22 and see for yourself if the equation balances out with the false gospel being preached. Everything is math logic.

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