According to the Christian Church, 2+2 = 5

John the Baptist baptizing Christ

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“Great news everyone!! Most will be lost and suffer alive in hell for eternity!!” This doctrine totally makes the sacrifice of Christ “desolate” and frankly worthless.” When a Christian tells you most people will be lost, what are they really saying about the power of Christ? What they are trying to tell you is that the good news = What Adam did in the garden is way more powerful than what Jesus did on the cross. Why do I say this? Look at the scripture they don’t want you to see: 1 Corinthians 15:22 – “For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive.”

Now, are they telling us that what Adam did in the fall of mankind is more powerful than what Christ did? We all die because of what one man did right?

When they tell you, “…but the bible says most will be lost,” they are telling you two things. One, the gospel is good news, and two most people will be lost….????? Who could this possibly be good news to? I’m waiting……..

This can only be good news to the dragon….HINT: The field is the Word. There are two in the field: stones and bread; wheat and tares; The lamb and the dragon. Mercy cannot = eternal suffering so you must ask yourself, are you being fed stones or bread by your teachers. Are you being tricked into riding the dragon as predicted in Revelation?

Now you know what the abomination of desolation really is, as spoken of by Daniel the prophet in chapter 3:1-6 = The false image of God erected by “Babylon.” Eternal suffering alive in hell

2+2 never = 5 nor can good news = most being lost. It’s all math logic. They attempt to convince you that mercy, love, and justice = eternal suffering?

Do the math. Just because words on a page tell us to jump off a bridge, does not mean we must do it. The serpent (words on a page) beguiled us all.

Look! The bear ram and goat of the prophecies in Daniel are written in the formation of the earth. It’s not a cartoon.

Map location

My highlighted photo in case you can’t see it right away

Look at Revelation 9 here written in the earth. It’s time

Sting of a scorpion

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4 thoughts on “According to the Christian Church, 2+2 = 5

  1. “This doctrine totally makes the sacrifice of Christ “desolate” and frankly worthless.”

    Many people have a problem with the idea that they should have to come to terms with their own sinfullness and accept the gift of salvation.

    not me…I’m so thankful that I have been redeemed!

    Praise God!

  2. It is this attitude that Christ warned us about. Let the heathen centurion teach you how to share your redemption in Matthew 8. When you read this you will understand what Jesus meant by hogging your salvation.

    If the story of the centurion were the only lesson we had, it would be enough.

    We all sin, and what you said above denies the power of the holy spirit in the new covenant. You are beguiled by the serpent, tricked into the “We are good and they are bad” syndrome. The very root of war and blood shed. Division and separation is religion, having 100% nothing to do with reconciliation. It’s 100% opposite yet it is called good by Christians.

    If what you believe is true, and it isn’t, then most of your family will be lost. Do the math.

    Church math is illogical: Great news everyone = Most will be lost???

    Mercy love and justice = eternal suffering?????

    2+2 = 5??????

    The bible said there would come a people who would call evil good and good evil. Twisted thinking is a good translation. Do the math. If you believe any part of the above false equations, you will literally jump off a bridge when the bible tells you to.

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