Proof: Adventists have no idea we are at the end of time

The Michigan Conference of the Seventh Day Adventist Church is telling its members that La Sierra University cannot currently be trusted to support Adventist values especially in regard to biblical creationism.

As of Tuesday, the conference executive committee struck the Riverside university from its list of Adventist institutions of higher education that qualify for tuition support for employees and their dependents. It was not immediately known how many students would be involved.

In its criticism of La Sierra, the committee said: “Apostasy is a heart-breaking thing to watch. The results are always ugly and devastating.”

The Michigan Conference, the governing organization for the church in that state, has 24,880 members in 184 churches and companies.

The committee is also asking the 2010 Adventist General Conference session — to be held June 23 in Atlanta — for a resolution affirming the biblical view of a literal, recent, six-day Creation, in which “the seven days of the Creation account were literal 24-hour days forming a week identical in time to what we now experience as a week.”

In response to Michigan action, La Sierra University president Randal Wisbey issued a statement  defending the quality of education at the school and asking for consideration of “the message that you have given to these 1,850 students and 310 faculty and staff who make this a vibrant and faithful Seventh-day Adventist learning community.”

“Today, as members of the La Sierra University learning community, we renew our commitment to provide outstanding teaching in an environment that values academic integrity and spiritual commitment. We will continue to celebrate certainty and curiosity. We will find joy in the dynamic interplay between faith and learning. We determine to remain open to conversation and challenge. “

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