Adventists Joining Forces with Government to Confiscate guns

(CNS): With only one week to go until the RCIPS gun amnesty ends, Pastors from the local mission of the Seventh-day Adventist church have joined forces with the service for the final push and said they are willing to accept illegal weapons from people afraid to go to the police. The Pastors will then in turn hand the weapons over to the RCIPS as part of the ‘no questions asked’ amnesty. Hoping to encourage those who are still reluctant, for whatever reason, to hand over illegal, unlicensed or unwanted, guns and ammunition at a police station, the pastors have said people can come to the church instead.

Pastors have also volunteered to work with RCIPS Area Commanders throughout the Cayman Islands to tell their congregations and communities how they can help cut gun crime in Cayman by taking part in the last few days of the amnesty.
“We are delighted to welcome the Seventh-day Adventist Church as a key partner in the gun amnesty,” said Detective Superintendent Marlon Bodden. “While we have always made it clear that the main drop off locations for surrendering guns and ammunition are the four main police stations on the islands, we want people to feel that they have choices. We have urged them to contact teachers, pastors, doctors, in fact anyone they trust to ask their help in surrendering the guns.”
The senior cop said the poice wanted to use every means possible to get guns off the streets and cut gun crime in the Cayman Islands. “That’s why we are grateful to the church for this very public display of support,” DS Bodden added.

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