Beasts of prophecy written in formation of Earth

The following photos were discovered by myself, while exploring earthquake faults at Google maps (satellite) on 3/12/2010 – I will be shocked if I’m the first to see these anomalies

Click “view all” and prepare to be astonished

Daniel 8: 2300 years back from 1967 brings you to 333 B.C. To the exact time the angel in Daniel 8 was explaining. Alexander the great! It’s time!

It began on March 11th of 2010; a whirlwind is the only way I can describe it. While gathering puzzle pieces for a book i began writing,“Two in the field: The little book that will turn the whole world upside down; what Matthew 24:40 really means,” some very strange things began to happen one after another. My focus was shifted to the prophecies in Daniel after an author of a website stated, “It has been over 2300 years since Israel held Jerusalem….” This immediately reminded me of Daniel 8, and subsequently the whirlwind began.

During that whirlwind, many puzzle pieces fell into place like never before in my 20 years of digging for the mystery of God. The Adventist church birthed in me the desire to dig, but 15 years into that, I had realized the only thing I learned was how to throw stones at the harlot.

This is part of what came to me recently, beginning 3/11/2010:

I realized that 70 festival of weeks (70 years [Jeremiah]) took us to 2017 from late 1947 when the commandment went forth in November of that year to reinstate Israel as sovereign.

Next I realized from 1967 to 2017 was 50 years which brought into remembrance Pentecost and Jubilee

So I did what no one ever suggested to do before that day, and added together the 1290 and 1335 in Daniel 12 to get the sum of 2,625 years

I then subtracted those years from 2017 and came to 608 B.C. Having no Idea what I would find, I did a Google search of the year 608 B.C. and this is what came up first, as if though I was being guided:

Pharaoh Necho II, seeing the chance to fill the vacuum left by Assyria and to reassert Egypt’s traditional sway over Syria, sends his full army north. King Josiah of Judah, who still considers himself Assyria’s vassal, meets the Egyptians single-handed at Megiddo and is slain. It is this battle that gives its name to the prophetic world-battle of the biblical book of Revelations: ‘Har’ (the Mountain of) ‘Megiddo’, Armageddon

I then went forward 1290 years bringing me to 682 A.D. Right in the middle of the building of the Dome of the Rock.

As i said, some strange things took place, and for me to tell you those things, would be to invoke thoughts of lunacy from you. What happened was for me…But one event did happen for a witness to the numbers I came up with, that when realized, will be the biggest archeological discovery in the history of mankind. I’m not over stating this.

During the whirlwind, I was exploring earthquake faults along the west coast of the United States, when my buddy suggested i look at the Cascadia (what he called it) fault that is under the sea, up along the west coast. As I was going northward on Google maps (satellite), the fault began to shift to the west toward Alaska. The fault is huge, so I kept following it until I went passed the horn of Alaska. As I went passed the horn, to my utter shock, there it was, a scorpion’s stinger perfectly shaped at the bottom of the Bering Sea.

The first thing that popped into my mind after the shock was, “Zoom out!” So I did so, and what I found Daniel, is going to flip the world upside down. All the beasts from Genesis, Ezekiel, Daniel, and Revelation are painted by God in the formation of the earths crust. See attached screen shots

I zoomed out and there was the bear with the mouth of a lion filling up the entire Pacific Ocean. The ram to the west, as if he is running westward, and his mouth is eating Australia. Under S.America is a hoof on top of a serpents head. Genesis 3:15 – michael333


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