Oil Hits Current Bound for East Coast, Scientist Says (Update1) – BusinessWeek

By Jim Polson

May 17 (Bloomberg) — Part of the oil slick from BP Plc’s leaking well in the Gulf of Mexico has entered the current that carries water toward the U.S. East Coast and Europe, according to satellite observations and computer models, a Florida scientist said.

Florida will dispatch a survey vessel this week to determine how much oil from the leak is in the “Loop Current,” William Hogarth, dean of the University of South Florida College of Marine Science, said today in an interview. Robert Weisberg, an oceanographer at the St. Petersburg, Florida-based university, said May 4 oil entering the current could travel through the Florida Keys and into the Atlantic Ocean.

“The oil, particularly some filaments of it, has gotten into the Loop Current on the surface,” Hogarth said. “We’ll take a better look with a vessel this week. We’ll try and learn the concentration.”

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