US official slams ads of American Jewish leaders supporting Jerusalem – Israel Insider

Temple Mount and Western Wall during Shabbat

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An Obama Administration official has harshly criticized advertisements placed by prominent Jews in support of Israel’s position on Jerusalem that have appeared in the U.S. press, reportedly with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu‘s blessing and encouragement, Haaretz reported. Most recently, ads were placed by the president of the World Jewish Congress, billionaire Ronald Lauder, and the author and Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Elie Wiesel. “All these advertisements are not a wise move,” a senior American official told Haaretz.The official did not say what reprisals the Administration had in mind for the uppity Jews, nor did the offical address the question of

whether the US would ban future ads by Jews about Jerusalem. A British advertising watchdog has nixed an Israeli tourism ad showing the Western Wall and Temple Mount, the most sacred site in Judaism, as misleading since the site is in the Old City of Jerusalem, which the UK, like the US, does not consider part of Israel. –read more

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