To my Adventist friends: Wake Up!

Ellen Gould White vor 1900
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I was 2 years old when the 6 day war, in 1967, happened. I am now 44 years old-42 years later. If the Adventist church has the final message to the world, tell me right now, what the 1290, and the 1335 year prophecy means in Daniel 12?

The 6 day war happened 42 years ago, so tell what your general conferences have been doing with all those millions of dollars each year, that is supposed to allow scholars the time to dig, day after day, in the Word. Looking for the sign to happen. 42 years ago!

Why do you not have an answer for the 1290, and 1335, is what you should be asking your leaders!

Subtract 1290+1335 from 2017……It brings you to 608 B.C.

Look it up!!

Now let’s see if you Adventists even ask me why I went from 2017…..WHERE ARE YOU!! REMNANT CHURCH!! Do you give a damn?! Do you have oil in your lamps?! 160 years it’s been since your church was founded……Daniel was told the last generation would see the sign. That the prophecy would be sealed, unable to be understood, until the final generation.

Where have you been for 43 years?! John the Baptist is NOT coming in a suit and tie! Ask your leaders why the church services wain on like a funeral, week after week. WAKE UP!

What have your leaders who say, “We are rich and in need of nothing…” been doing?!! You have nothing, as the Word says, “You know not that you are poor, blind, and naked….” Pinning up bunny rabbits and xmas trees in your synagogues, and in the same breath throwing stones at the whore. Who is the whore in this picture?

Put down the stones and repent! The water is stirring! Get in the pool! The head has become the tail.

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3 thoughts on “To my Adventist friends: Wake Up!

  1. Wow..such anger..and nastiness. There are many preachers who have published things on what you have asked…biblical articles. Perhaps you could cool off..and google it. I dare not give you any links..because I fear your attitude would be just as nasty and the like no matter what links I gave you. People with attitudes like yours..angry etc..scare me…

  2. Maybe you would have said the same thing to Jesus when he walked into your house and flipped over your money tables.

    You ironically say “I have an attitude” while in the same breath, you insult me.

    You are convinced in your mind you are rich, not realizing the pile of trash taking double thinker you really are.

    Coming in here to “set me straight” by insulting me over my concern for those asleep.

    Get thee behind me Satan, for thou savorest not the things of God, but the things of men.


    Imbeciles who, though Jesus himself told you, still think John the baptist and Elijah are coming to pat you on the back. You think John the baptist is coming in a suit and tie. Do you think he has soft words for your false doctrine?

    In one breath throwing stones at the papacy, and months later you sacrifice a turkey to Zeus in you thanksgiving abomination of desolation……You have the mark of the beast. Pinning up easter bunnies, bowing down to Zeus as you throw stones at the whore.

    Who’s the whore in this picture? Do I need to bend down and write more in the sand you self righteous tomb?

    1844 is wrong…show me the “link” where you admit that.

  3. Well I guess if I am all the things you say, anything I say courteously and politely will just be classed as an insult to you..instead of what I intended..a gentle word on how to speak to people and address issies..and it is most certainly not in the nasty hateful way that you have. Yes, Jesus turned over the tables…people with anger issues always use that to justify their hateful way of communicating something..however Jesus WAS and IS perfect…He did not sin in doing what He did in RIGHTEOUS anger….there are so many texts in the Bible that tell us how to speak etc and we are not perfect…nor are we capable of doing anything in a righteous manner…sorry, but you will not wake up the Church…you will make them want to get out of it and go where they are not spiritually abused.

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