Message I Sent to Sammy Hagar: It’s time!

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I’ve been a fan for a long time, and even bigger when you joined Eddy and the gang…Thank you for hooking up with Michael, I mean why wouldn’t you, right?

I started writing a book in the beginning of March when some strange things began happening to me. I won’t go into the signs I was given, but you understand, those were for me, and to repeat them to someone only creates an air of lunacy.

One sign I can share with you is so monstrous, it will turn the whole world upside down. The biggest discovery since Jesus Christ walked the earth.

I was exploring earthquake fault lines on Google maps (satellite) with a friend of mine over the phone on March 12th, when he says, “Look at the Cascadia fault that goes all the way up to Canada…”

As I kept following this huge fault, it took me to the west, toward Alaska. As I flew past the horn of Alaska, to my shock, under the Bering sea, was a perfect Scorpion stinger on the ocean floor. The first thing that entered my shaken mind was Revelation 9. I immediately zoomed out, and to my utter amazement, found that all the beasts from the prophecies, in Genesis, Ezekiel, Daniel, and revelation are written in the formation of the earth.

You wrote a tune called the 7th Seal Sammy. Well, It’s time….I’ve attached the screenshots I took of the most significant archeological find in the history of mankind.

Michael Hulmes

1594 Gray avenue #47

Yuba City, CA 95991

530-674-9319 – – Call me if you need help seeing what is right in plain site – – Once you see it, the flood gates will open. It’s time Sammy

P.S. If you look to the east of Florida, look at the lightly shaded ocean floor. That is Jonah being spewed out of the whales mouth. Guess who Nineveh is now. Google maps click satellite…..Look for the horse in the Gulf of Mexico

To see more photos, join me @

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